Visual Merchandise Technique Mixed Media


Mixed media atau yang biasa dikenal Media campuran, seni visual tata letak sebuah merchendise, mengacu pada karya seni dalam pembuatan yang lebih dari satu media telah digunakan .Campuran media cenderung merujuk pada sebuah karya seni visual yang menggabungkan berbagai media seni rupa tradisional yang berbeda sehingga mendapatkan sebuah nilai karya seniyg baru.

How to Create Elegant Interior Spaces in Your Home

Here at CLOTH colour and more colour creates such impact and harmony in our living environments. The intensity of our colour palette at CLOTH are truly exciting…..

all the colors work so beautifully together whatever the mix is that you want for your room.

Visit us at CLOTH to create your own intensity of colour for your living or bedrooms… wherever you want to start designing with colour.

Getting Ready for X-Mas Idea.?

How can you be sure that CLOTH products are of the highest quality?
Our quality control experts conduct over every step of production chain tests. This includes closely inspecting all of our material & craftmanship before its goes into the market..for you to enjoy.

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Inspire by Nature

November is the rainy season, It is the start of something new. It’s a season of new beginnings, a fresh new world of texture.
And you can’t help but feel inspired!
You feel like creating something new in your world too. Out with the old and in with the new!
are starting to THINK of making a new look for your lounge room … call us at

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Inspired by Nature Complete Range available in store now
Inspired by Nature Complete Range available in store now


Visual Merchandising Ideas

At CLOTH our team is very passionate about our products & services. We are successfully merchandising our product ranges in a theme of harmonious feeling. OUR SERVICE also includes SHOP MERCHANDISING.
If you wish to refurbish your store and running out idea how, send us email to for a QUOTE.


Once Albert Einstein said ~ If you want to live a Happy Life, tie it into a GOAL not to PEOPLEs or THINGs.

We believe to combine a traditional element, such as fruit basket can enhance the character of each product on display as a whole new story.

Apakah Virtual Merchandising dan Apa Manfaatnya.?

Visual merchandising adalah menciptakan tampilan merchandise untuk meng-komunikasi kan pesan fashion toko kepada calon pelanggan untuk memberikan pengalaman belanja yang lebih nyaman, aman dan rasa bersahabat dengan cara :

* Mempermudah pelanggan untuk menemukan merchandise dan kategori yg diinginkan
* Mempermudah pelanggan untuk memilih sendiri
* Memungkinkan pelanggan untuk memadu padankan dengan aksesoris
* Mempermudah dalam memberikan informasi tentang ukuran, warna dan harga
* Memberikan informasi tentang trend fashion dengan cara meng-highlight (menempatkan) pada lokasi yg strategis.

Visual merchandise membantu dalam :

* Mendidik pelanggan tentang produk / jasa dengan cara yang efektif dan kreatif
mendirikan media kreatif untuk menyajikan merchandise dalam lingkungan 3D, sehingga memungkinkan dampak jangka panjang dan nilai ingat
* memposisikan perusahaan terpisah dalam posisi yang eksklusif.
* membangun hubungan antara fashion, desain produk dan pemasaran produk dengan menjaga fokus utama.
* menggabungkan, aspek kreatif teknis dan operasional antara produk dan bisnis.
menarik perhatian pelanggan untuk memungkinkan dia untuk mengambil keputusan pembelian dalam waktu sesingkat-singkatnya, dengan demikian menambah proses penjualan yg lebih cepat.
(deskripsi bahasa indonesia ini credited to bimobiblog)

The psychology behind GREEN

The psychology behind GREEN:

Green promotes feelings of well-being, harmony, nature, security, stability and balance. The colour green is known to aid concentration and creative thoughts.Green is a calming colour that is very pleasing to the senses. It is also the colour associated with envy,good luck, generosity, and fertility. It is the traditional colour of peace, harmony, comfort, nurturing and well paced energy. ~ credited to

Incorporating GREEN into your bedroom:

Cloth by Medina says, “green soothes and creates a wonderfully restful colour and very easily is teamed up with more vibrant and accent colours. It’s often a favourite for bedrooms, especially room for a new couple who are planing of making BABY or LOTS of BABIES ”. Cloth recommends injecting different shades of Charcoal & Bright Colour Orange to ensure that your room also have a masculinity energy.

The Color of RED

The color red is the color of energy, passion and action

This color is a warm and positive color associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Red is energising. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.


Our Focus is on CLOTH

Our wonderful and lustrous handwoven fabric’s used in the CLOTH ranges are
still traditionally woven in the way that has been handed down over time to the women of Java.
It is a time honoured old skill and by CLOTH using these fabric’s the tradition can continue on into the modern world.
There may be subtle imperfections, as this is the nature of the yarns and the methods applied to bring you this marvellous CLOTH weave




Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2014
We are delighted to share with you the full program for Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, October 1-5, 2014.

With over 150 writers from more than 25 countries it’s truly a celebration of global issues, big ideas and extraordinary stories. This year’s theme, Saraswati: Wisdom & Knowledge is an exploration of the wisdom to be gained by creative expression.
A number of the Festival’s writers are no strangers to prizes – such as Hassan Blasim (Independent Foreign Fiction Prize); Eimear McBride (Baileys Women’s Prize) and Cyrus Mistry (2014 DSC Prize) – to name a recent Ubud – Bali….Read More