Inspired by Nature

Screen Print Embellished Cushion Collection

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.~ Albert Einstein

The trend of nature is the inspiration of motifs, for our  soft furnishing collection for November, in store at CLOTH  by Medina
“People now want to bring nature and the outdoors into their daily living areas. This basically underlines the larger movement of going back to nature.
Our products feature nature-inspired design elements, ranging from printed, hand embroidered nature motifs in our November Collection.
The use of natural fibres and natures beauty are the embellishments used by the local Indonesian Craftsmanship allowing our design team bringing nature into your homes .”

Bali – Indonesia


Here at CLOTH we welcome you all, and especially lovers who are passionate about soft furnishings and one off designer cushions, bedcovers, bed runners, and other beautiful beaded and embellished bedding that will make your living spaces feel more relaxed and exotic. Its new and its WOW.. come to CLOTH and be part of the story.

Cloth is all about what we do in Indonesia and what incredible skills and craftsmanship the Indonesia people are capable of and have to offer us. The marriage of East meets West lives on with us at CLOTH… we are die hards and we want to be part of the continuing contribution of the ongoing beauty and skills here in the land of the Gods.
Bali – Indonesia