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” Finding the beauty in everything, I create beautiful compositions that show a variety of technique, colour and scale “

At Cloth Soft Furnishing Production Our contribution to the remarkably skilled craftspeople of Indonesia. The aim is to bring to your focus their much-honored craftsmanship from an of number of islands. Focusing on the many varieties of fabric’s, whether they be handwoven on traditional looms, through to hand beading and hand embellishment, machine embroidered to hand printing with silk screens.

With more than 28 years of experiences in the Industry, Cloth has a vast product selection, styling portfolio and has been featured in countless magazines and editorials within the Australia media. Cloth Lifestyles’ philosophy and approach are based on strong design reflecting an earthy, modern and sustainable base.


  1. Space Planning
  2. Building Design and Layout Alteration
  3. Documentation Specification
  4. Project Management | QS
  5. Interior and Decorator Consultant
  6. Design Consultations
  7. Furniture, Homeware, Soft Furnishing Design Layout
  8. Custom Made Home Interior and Decoration Products
  9. Acquisition of Art, Modern, and Antique Furniture

At Medina Lifestyle Vision.

Is made responsibly by Indonesian’s craftsmen, to choose to make a difference by show and lead by example to the peoples that’s less fortunate then yourself.


is our company slogan to keep our focus with our long-term vision.

” Ethical Retail Shop & Ethical Manufacturer in Bali “

At Medina Lifestyle Manufacturing & Delivery.
With a professional and efficient team of manufacturing, we are able to create great products with a competitive market price to ensure our clients have a solid place and style
in their market. Therefore our commitment to all of our client is

“We deliver what we’ve promised with integrity products & services .“

for further detail please do not hesitate to contact us 

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