Cloth Lampbase & Lampshade


CLOTH Lamp-bases

are unique, we  produce these teak lamp-bases from reliable resources and are responsibly manufactured. Our intention and focus is to supply the boutique market.

CLOTH management is aware that wooden made products are becoming  a more precious item. Our company policy is, to be a responsible manufacturer.

CLOTH mission &  effort to produce and provide these boutique products, and to give the skilled local artisan the opportunity to continue the skills that have been handed down through the generations.

Our aim is to protect the wood turning industry and to bring local artisan  products designed by Cloth, into our Retail Shop, thus giving these small producers a chance to be able to return to their skillful wood turning cottage industry,and hopefully increasing their quality of life for their families and themselves.

CLOTH lampshades are made exclusively for our unique buyers. Each shape lampshade is specially designed to accompany the beautifully turned lampbase. Using fabric, such as hessian, linen and other exclusive fabric from the CLOTH private collection.

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