Its all about evoking a feeling of balance and cohesion, comfort, relaxed and calm while practicing our YOGA.
Knowing that the importance to be in this zone, we have the opportunity to choose the fabric’s that do that best for us.
@CLOTH YOGA our small and unique collection ticks those box’s.
Celebrate each YOGA experience with sumptuous fabric’s of handmade cotton and pure natural fiber linens, all carefully prewashed and cared for as a finished product ready to go on their individual journeys with you.

Our CLOTH YOGA range will help you create a conscious, balanced space that connects you with your best self. We aim to evoke an inner sense of comfort, calm contemplation, and connection through our hand-crafted natural fabrics that honor the Earth. Where you can truly breathe and relax surrounded by mindful design.

This unique and hand-selected range is designed to uplift and celebrate each YOGA experience. Sumptuous fabrics, soft handmade cotton, and the purest natural linens allow the breath to flow and your space to glow. Each piece is ready to go on an individual journey with you.

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