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Quality. Beauty. Understanding & Value Local Culture.

Woven into every fibre of CLOTH’s soft furnishing ranges, consisting of throws, blankets and cushions, these are all made with expertise, dedication and pride from our very talented team of craftspeople.

Cloth ensures responsibly sourced materials.

At CLOTH we  enjoy to share a proportion of our success with the local traditional values of the Balinese beliefs. “Tri-Hita-Karana”  we do this not just because we believe in making a growing business prosper, but it must also  have ethical values to be in balance with as many of the every elements that involve the two cultures to work in harmony together, ensuring that the CLOTH exclusive products maintain there balance with the nature of the raw products used to create them.

Producing responsibly is one of our Business Ethos.

We welcome you to CLOTH

Cloth Retail – Ubud – Bali – Indonesia.
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Our May Retail merchandise available at store now.

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