Pelangi Villas Sidemen Project

Pelangi Villas offers its fortunate limited guests the rare opportunity to experience a personal & authentic retreat in some of Bali’s most beautiful underdeveloped breathtaking rural landscapes among local village communities pursuing the time honour traditional life styles, while being able to enjoy subtle luxuries of dining in a casual ambience, relaxing in a pool setting with the rear combination of rural and sea vistas.., it offers boutique private accommodation villas…

Located in the underdeveloped, and as yet unexploited beautiful rural hinterland of the northeastern coast of Bali, it is easily accessible from either Ubud or the coastal town of Candidasa that is a transit point to the Gili Islands or Lombok. Its a beautifully tranquil and lush rural area of Bali that is renowned for its rice production. Its name roughly translates to ‘bowl’ referring not only to its food production capacity but also to its ancient geological past, being the remainder of an ancient volcanic crater.

While being owned and operated by New Management ” Melaleuca Management All Property ” and design by the best and most ethical Interior decorator Cloth Ubud, Pelangi Villas is the perfect setting for either a truly intimate style celebration or a refreshing totally private rural retreat, where you can experience beauty and comfort and the gracious hospitality of the local Balinese community in a tranquil rural setting.

Cloth by medina design & concept of this small boutique charming resort used all best quality soft-furnishing material to accomplished the Owner & Management challenges by giving the guest the experience of Balinese living with the chic understated statement and luxury comfort.

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